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"Equal parts thoughtful and humorous."

Ellen Smith
Trend Hunter Journalist

trend hunter party qs app

"A really compelling app for dinner parties 🎉"

Paul Kemp
The App Guy Podcast

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"Best app of October."

Americanoize Magazine

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"A must download."

Austin Raye
Fitness Influencer & Entrepreneur

five star review party qs app

"We love this game. we used it last evening at an event with young adults and some teens, and it was a FANTASTIC conversation starter. Fabulous."
—Kim, School Teacher

five star review party qs app

"Super simple, love the sharing as an image! I use these questions on dates lol joke."
—Anonymous Google User

"The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge."

— Thomas Berger

Why we made Party Qs

Party Qs exists to help people with social anxiety replace awkward silences with interesting conversations.

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